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Do you hear me???

January 21, 2018 by Pastor Andy Gibson 0 comments

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Did you hear me? It is something Laura and I say about 5,872 times a day to our kids… I wish I was exaggerating!  We have thought about calling the doctor to have there ears checked… I'M SERIOUS. What I love is when they do hear you and they say….. “whut??” Ohhh man that gets me going. Laura tested the theory that they can’t hear the other day when she whispered the words, “Who wants a cookie??” The kids were at the neighbors house and they came running. We know they can hear!

I hear other people say, "I wish I could hear from God…" I think it would be awesome if God always spoke in an audible voice when we needed to hear something from Him. Can you imagine? No questions, we would just know what He wants us to do! But, He doesn’t always speak that way. He does speak to us though and we have access to it every single day… His WORD!

We have this amazing resource for us and a lot of times we don’t ever use it… which seems crazy when we know its power and truth.  The BIBLE is Gods words to us! You want to hear from God? The best way in my opinion is to open it up and dig in! I mean I don’t want to blow you away with this wild thinking but we have it lets use it.

His Word helps us in so many ways…we can learn more about Him, our faith grows when we read it, we learn right and wrong, we are encouraged, we get answers to our questions…and the list goes on. Romans 10:17 reminds us… "So faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ."  I want to challenge you to dig into the Word, and read it, try to understand it, apply it to your life, be challenged by it, be strengthened by it and when you do your faith will grow.. when your faith is growing… watch out… who knows what’s next!  If you do not have a Bible we will give you one today for free just let an usher know!

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