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Happy Mother's Day!

May 13, 2018 by Pastor Tom Roberts 0 comments

Posted in: Just a Thought

I have kinda been through the parenting thing and now I’m in the grand-parenting years. Not sure that I was (am) good at either. I need help.

I think that Scripture has lessons for us from the minute we open His book until we put it down. God has things that instruct us on every page. For example: I never thought I could learn much about parenting from Jeremiah, but it’s so incredible how God meets you where you are, and leads you as only He can. If you haven’t had the pleasure of studying Jeremiah, let me give you a quick overview. God is telling Israel what will happen if they continue to disobey, what the consequences will be. Sound familiar in your everyday life?

I think it is so interesting how many people think that the Old Testament is not relevant for us today.  Oh, but it is! Jeremiah is a perfect model for us in parenting. God is using Jeremiah to tell the Israelites (His children) what will happen to them, what consequences they will face, if they continue in their disobedience. We do that don’t we? We tell our kids what consequences are coming. But what happens when it’s time to follow through?  God follows through with His consequences.  If we get nothing else out of Jeremiah – we learn the need to be consistent and follow through in parenting. Children need that. They need to know that we mean what we say.

Another thing I thought a little humorous was how God repeated Himself over and over, but the Israelites never listened. Again…sound familiar? 

I also learned something very profound. There’s no struggle that I go through that the Lord doesn’t understand. He tells us over and over and over again what the consequences of our disobedience will be, but we in our stubbornness continue to do our own thing. Yet, He still loves us and pursues us and directs us and takes care of us. God gives us the perfect parenting model.  Now…if we will just take note of it!  My prayer is that we are not only listening to God ourselves – but that we are applying the Scriptures in our families – in our relationships and in the everyday activities of our lives.

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