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This is Ridiculous

February 4, 2018 by Pastor Andy Gibson 0 comments

One of my goals for the new year is to jump rope more…well,  I made that goal without really trying to jump rope…its so hard! I watched a lot of videos of people doing the craziest tricks and skills I’ve ever seen, and thought… this looks easy.  So I started to jump rope… after 10 minutes it looked like I just got out of the sauna. I quickly became frustrated because I just could not figure it out. So I recorded myself and realized my timing was off and come to find out I have no rhythm.

I was starting out trying to do cross ups, double unders, and the boxer step and could not do it. I had to work on my timing and come back to the basics… like just simply jumping over the rope more that two times in a row!

I tell you that not because I want you to laugh at me but because some of us are frustrated with God and it really can affect our relationship with Him. Sometimes we get frustrated with God because we want to be in one spot or think we are ready to do this or that and God says “not now”.

This is hard, but Gods timing always works out for the best. Sometimes He says “not now”, or “wait a little while, or “you’re not ready for that”. It could be that God has different plans for you… it could be that God wants you to come back to the basics of your faith. It could be you need to get back in the Bible, or it could just simply be the timing is not right. 

David in Psalm 27:14 encourages us to… wait patiently on the Lord; be strong, and let your heart take courage; wait for the Lord.

We look at waiting as a negative thing but with God there is so much good that happens in the waiting. Trust God has things under control with your life. Take some time this week and pray and ask God to help you move on His timing.

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